Where Do We Fit In?

Many tasks and questions will come up in the process of completing a probate, and although your attorney will be helpful in addressing some of them, others will be outside his or her circle of responsibility. In addition, asking your attorney to work on issues that don't require an attorney's expertise can be very expensive!

Here are some of the challenges you might be facing in your role as a probate administrator. You won't have to deal with every one, but it's normal for at least a half-dozen of these tasks and questions to arise:

  • Dispose of unwanted personal property
  • Change locks and secure the property
  • Keep estate assets protected
  • Help family member relocate
  • Get valuation for personal property
  • Get valuation for real estate
  • Find a quick cash buyer
  • Sell house as it is
  • Remodel house for higher-priced sale
  • Get financing for remodeling
  • Set up creative financing to help the house sell
  • Store valuables before sale
  • Store belongings during transition
  • Empty and clean house
  • Turn house into rental property
  • Complete small repairs
  • Help heirs invest their inheritance
  • Estate planning to help survivors avoid probate

In order to accomplish these objectives, you will likely need to find and engage a variety of specialists, and then keep track of their progress and results:

  • Real estate broker or agent
  • Real estate investor
  • Estate planning attorney
  • Social worker
  • Appraiser
  • Estate advance lender
  • Registered investment advisor
  • Estate sale company
  • Self storage facility
  • Clean out / preservation service
  • Title officer or real estate attorney
  • Nursing home / assisted care facility
  • Property manager
  • Senior moving company
  • Handyman
  • Landscape professional
  • Contractor
  • Insurance broker