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As a residential real estate executive with an extensive background in corporate marketing, I am able to apply unusually strong skills in marketing communications, e-marketing, strategic planning and professional negotiation. My consultative, non-pressuring approach is designed to win long-term trusting relationships with clients--not to close an immediate transaction. To support and extend the rapid growth of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, I am concentrating efforts throughout the Conejo and Simi valleys in Ventura County as well as in the greater Los Angeles area.

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When will it end?

Some readers have been wondering whether this summer might reveal a different kind of housing market, because the Coronavirus pandemic is tapering off. Surely now that people are getting vaccinated

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You're buying a house, not a market

It’s a very hot real estate market for sellers right now, and that has discouraged many buyers. I have sympathized with a number of frustrated buyers who hoped to move into one of my listed

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No time like the present

Owning real estate is so popular right now that there is an imbalance between motivated buyers and available homes to buy. As anyone with any interest in real estate has already heard, there is a

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Neither pushover nor killer

Negotiating to reach a win-win agreement doesn’t mean being a pushover. It involves more than just being a nice guy. Much of the advantage of a win-win approach comes from recognizing that

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