You're buying a house, not a market

Dated: April 24 2021

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It’s a very hot real estate market for sellers right now, and that has discouraged many buyers. I have sympathized with a number of frustrated buyers who hoped to move into one of my listed properties—they told me about being outbid for three or four homes, and how hard it is to get your hopes up only to have them dashed again. 

Buying in the current market is definitely challenging, but there are ways to make it happen, and it is worth it! It’s important to remember that regardless of what trends are in play at the macro level, life events at the micro level consistently create new opportunities to buy. People inherit homes that they don’t need. Couples get divorced. Homeowners take new jobs far from where they live. Families grow too big for the condo or townhome they started in. Someone will be buying the properties they put on the market and moving into the next chapter of their lives. It won’t be someone who decided that the trends in the market were too unfavorable.

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