What's it cost? Depends on what you call it...

Dated: January 18 2020

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A gate on the side of our house fell off of its hinges several weeks ago, and I had a tough time finding the right person to repair it. I researched and contacted a half-dozen fencing and gate companies, and heard consistent quotes in the range of $1,500 to $2,500, depending on the kind of gate I wanted to have installed. That was more money than I wanted to spend. I considered tackling the job myself (which would not have been a smart move), and then I tried doing a different kind of search. Instead of fencing companies, I searched for highly rated handymen.

A half-dozen emails and phone calls later, I found a qualified handyman who likes to tighten up and reinstall things like gates, and who charges $80 an hour. For only $200, I got what I wanted—my old gate in perfect working condition, ready for 5 – 10 more years of service. Lesson learned: when you set out to fix or improve something in your home, make sure that you are describing the job you really want done.

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