The market's bouncing back from isolation

Dated: August 1 2020

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If you think that the Coronavirus has led Southern Californians to stop buying and selling properties, you’d find many people to agree with you—but the numbers don’t bear out that expectation. The volume of house sales pending in our area took a dive during March and April, but bounded back up in May and June, and the current market numbers are looking like a normal summer, with prices trending slightly upward. You’ll find more details about the national market in this article.

The rise in June pending sales indicates that many sellers and buyers successfully identified partners for a transaction during the “safe at home” isolation of April and May. So, while of course it is important to proceed using reasonable precautions against infection, there’s no reason to postpone buying or selling just because COVID-19 is still on the loose.

Would you like to be in a new home this year? Now is a great time to make it happen, and I promise to keep you safe during the process.

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