Plan for any season, but get the week right

Dated: December 26 2020

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Real estate sellers often wonder when the best time is to put a property on the market. I would say that this week would be a bad idea—but not because spring is better than wintertime. You want to make a splash with as many people as possible when you list a property, so the days right around a holiday, or election day, or the week when kids are returning to school aren’t optimal. People are paying attention to other things.

The common expectation is that more buyers are active in the springtime than in winter, which is true—but there are also twice as many listings in the springtime, so the competition is roughly the same. December is the low point for both new listings and pending sales each year, but that low hovers around 15,000 transactions in Southern California, so business hardly grinds to a halt, and it isn’t hard to become one in 15,000.

So, list the place in January or February, but avoid three-day weekends; go for springtime, but not around Tax Day, Easter, or Passover; put it on the market in summer, but not around the 4th of July. And make the most of your property’s first impression with a carefully planned launch, because that first week be the time when most buyers will be watching.

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