Ownership doesn't need to tie you down

Dated: January 4 2020

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Life doesn’t always proceed in the way we plan or expect. One of my loyal clients has decided to relocate out of Southern California, only 18 months after buying a duplex he intended to live in for several years. It’s too soon to sell the property as a prudent financial move, so I arranged for a representative of Nationwide Property Services to meet with my client and set up a property management contract. NPS will find and screen tenants for the property, and make sure that all maintenance is taken care of in a timely way. If any difficulties should arise, such as problem tenants or emergency repairs, NPS will make things right without any need for my client to get directly involved.

One of the benefits of home ownership that I share with prospective buyers is the flexibility one has to do what you choose with your property. I’m glad that Nationwide has a property management company to help ensure that my clients can make life changes without feeling tied down to their property.

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