Neither pushover nor killer

Dated: April 10 2021

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Negotiating to reach a win-win agreement doesn’t mean being a pushover. It involves more than just being a nice guy. Much of the advantage of a win-win approach comes from recognizing that parties on either side of a negotiation actually want different things. Often one can negotiate to get something important by giving up something unimportant, because the person on the other side has differing priorities. To explore such possibilities in a real estate deal, it’s necessary to look beyond the simple question of how much money changes hands. Other things like personal property, schedules, and who can change their mind can sometimes break a logjam over price or credit amounts.

The main problem with a win-lose attitude is that you wind up with a disgruntled and unmotivated trading partner. That can lead to extended arguments over inspections or appraisals, canceled escrows, and even lawsuits. When you “make a killing,” there may be a temporary sense of celebration, but over the long run, the win may not seem so sweet.

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