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Dated: August 1 2021

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Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten had a great ride at the women’s Olympic road race in Tokyo, and she celebrated winning a gold medal as she rode past the finish line at the Fuji International Speedway. The problem was that Anna Kiesenhofer of Austria had already crossed the line a minute and 15 seconds earlier. Van Vleuten didn’t realize that Kiesenhofer was not among the competitors she had passed earlier in the 234 – kilometer contest. She didn’t realize how fast she had to move in order to win the race.

Like van Vleuten, some prospective home buyers set a pace that’s almost good enough to achieve what they want. Their comfort level with making an offer on a new home requires slowing down and thinking about what they’re doing—leaving an opportunity open for another buyer to swoop in and take the house away. I’ve seen this pattern many times on the first house or two for which a buyer submits an offer. The “We’re going to sleep on it” delays generally disappear by the third time around, when buyers become familiar with the processes of negotiation and escrow. So, when I encourage clients to send the offer in right now, I’m not insensitive to their feelings—I’m trying to protect their chance to win gold!

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