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Dated: May 30 2020

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This month I’ve been putting together a specialty for my real estate business—helping families through probate and selling inherited property. Studying to earn my certification as a probate expert has reminded me how important it is to put together paperwork to document your wishes and to avoid putting your heirs through the hassle, expense and delay of the probate process. While most adults would agree that setting up a living trust is a good idea, recent studies have found that only about 4 in 10 have even written a will.

If you have worked with me on a transaction—even if we haven’t yet completed a sale together—you can set up a no-charge phone consultation with a real estate attorney as part of the service my clients receive from Real Estate Risk Management. I can also put you in touch with a reputable family law attorney to help you set up the documents you need to protect your family and your investments. Learning about your options is free, and in most cases getting everything taken care of costs under $1,000.

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