Envisioning the future

Dated: July 10 2021

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My real estate career is all about life transitions. I help first-time buyers graduate from renting to home ownership, mid-career homeowners move up to a larger, better located new home, and a variety of others, including empty-nesters, location changers and financially motivated owners transform the equity in their today home into the home they need for tomorrow. For buyers and sellers in every category, one skill is critical for making a successful transition: envisioning the future.

Buyers with their own clear vision of the life they will live as homeowners can look beyond cosmetic problems in a candidate property. They can think outside the box and be flexible about moving to an unfamiliar area or buying property different from their initial plans. Their desire for the benefits of home ownership helps them to overcome the natural anxiety they feel entering a real estate transaction. By envisioning the future in a creative and flexible way, their imagination can turn each candidate house into their home.

The big challenge for sellers is turning their beloved home back into a house. Sellers with a vision of a new home that better fits their needs—a place where new memories can be made—can let go emotionally more quickly. That helps them make wiser decisions about pricing and preparing their property to be offered on the market. Every seller eventually changes his or her house relationship from an emotional ownership bond to a memory of a connection that reached its end. Sellers who envision the future and make the shift before they sell do better, and step into the future with more resources to do what they want.

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