Don't be scared

Dated: March 8 2020

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Between the Corona virus and the looming specter of Friday the 13th in the calendar, right now there are plenty of ways to nurture unreasonable fears. I think one way we mislead ourselves and become fearful is by imagining that risks only show up every now and then, when in fact we’re confronting a wide variety of risks every day. Something novel shows up, like news reports about a spreading Corona virus, and we think we’re rocketing from zero risk to some unknown-but-scary risk of falling ill and dying. Actually the new virus is only slightly nudging upward the possibility that you might die from something—like heart disease, cancer, or even one of the strains of the flu virus that have been coexisting with us for decades.

This kind of thinking (“I’m totally fine now, but keep that scary new thing away from me!”) crops up in how people think about real estate, too. There’s a risk that if you buy a home, the payments might be hard to keep up with, and repairs that the place needs might be expensive, too. But if you don’t buy a home, there’s a risk that rising property values could price you out of the market in the location where you’d like to live, and you might have to move from the place that you’re renting because the owner decided to sell it.

Just because the life you’re living now is familiar doesn’t mean that it’s risk-free. Since you’re successfully managing many risks every day, you can be free to select the path forward that appeals to you.

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