Choosing an agent? Choosing a team

Dated: December 19 2020

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Homeowners preparing to sell their house don’t generally think about it, but when they select a Realtor to represent them they’re usually selecting an escrow company and a title company as well. Principals in a transaction do have the right to select and negotiate with each other over which service providers to use, but most often what happens is that the seller and buyer defer to the wishes of the listing agent. As long as the listing agent has his or her clients’ best interest at heart, this is a good approach, because agents have the chance to observe how well escrow and title officers do their jobs, and how easy they are to work with. 

Of course, an agent who isn’t really paying attention, or who chooses to work with service providers just because they’re buddies or because of a marketing gift they recently received could be steering his client in the wrong direction. I’ve heard stories from people who think very highly of a listing agent they’ve worked with, but couldn’t speak poorly enough about the escrow company from the same transaction. To my mind, those folks are missing an important connection.

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