Big-consequence decisions

Dated: May 1 2020

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The Coronavirus pandemic took very little time to make big changes in our daily routines. It didn’t require a lot of analysis for most of us—we simply followed the directions to stay home. As time has passed, we’re experiencing more individual differences in decision-making. Some people are defying stay-at-home and facemask guidelines, while some jurisdictions are quickly opening things up, leaving individuals to decide when they will resume meeting others face-to-face. These are decisions that may have big consequences.

As a Realtor, I work with people all the time who are making big-consequence decisions. I help them look clearly at what might happen if they choose one course or another, and encourage them to proceed toward the things they really want. I also am witness to a widespread phenomenon—people trying to avoid making decisions by just putting things off. Choosing not to decide is actually still deciding. It’s just skipping over the steps when you consider and take ownership of what is truly important to you. So, when you move forward into your new normal in the wake of our social isolation, and when you think about making changes related to real estate, show the courage of claiming your own priorities. I’ve never met anyone who regretted doing that.

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