Being irresistable

Dated: February 23 2020

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We’re all familiar with the advice to sellers to remove clutter from a house, spruce up its curb appeal, and create pleasant smells to woo buyers. There are also things buyers can do—besides offering a higher sales price—to make a great first impression on a seller and their listing agent. Sellers categorize incoming offers according to some things that a buyer doesn’t have much control over, like cash offers vs. large down-payment offers vs. FHA offers, but other, more controllable factors also play a part.

You can be friendly and respectful with the people you meet at every open house. You never know who might be the listing agent, or the seller of the house you want to own. If you’re looking to buy someone’s home, you can write a letter to them about the things you appreciate in the house, and about your plans for making it your home. You can increase the amount of your earnest money deposit to demonstrate a commitment to completing the transaction. You can fine-tune the terms of the purchase contract to accommodate the seller—offering a rent-back or an accelerated inspection period.

Creative touches like these can make it harder for a seller to tell you “no”—and they don’t involve adding tens of thousands of dollars to your offer.

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