Be smart about what you fear

Dated: October 25 2020

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Between politics and Halloween, the topic of fear is getting a lot of attention right now. Generally speaking, people are not very good at choosing threats to be afraid of. We worry more about terrorism, dying of COVID -19 and crashing in a commercial air journey, but unworried about falling in the bathroom, heart disease and driving a car, which are much bigger personal threats. I’ve seen a similar pattern among some of my clients—the remote possibility of losing the earnest money deposit sometimes seems mesmerizing, while the risk of losing a perfect-fit house by making a non-competitive offer can leave the same person unfazed.

It makes relating with my clients an interesting balance. I try to listen carefully and attend to what my client says is important, and at the same time encourage them to stop worrying about some things and maybe worry a bit more about others. My touchstone is always the question: What is in your best interest?

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