No reason to wait

Dated: May 29 2021

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Prospective clients often beg off from meeting with me because they think they’re not close enough to the time when they will buy or sell a home. I always push back on their reluctance, not only because I want to get started helping them, but also out of respect for the unknown. I want to make sure that my new acquaintance won’t face bad surprises because of something they didn’t know, or because of something they “knew” that wasn’t so.

Uncovering unexpected news early in the game can be very helpful! Sometimes credit reports contain negative information that either stayed in the report longer than it should have or was simply wrong in the first place. Fixing a problem like that takes weeks or months—horrible news if you’re in a hurry, but an easy fix if you’re not. The surprise could come the other way, too. After working for months to improve a credit score or add to savings for a down payment, some buyers could discover that the effort wasn’t really necessary. The sooner you establish your professional support team, the clearer your prospects will be and the more opportunities you’ll be aware of. There is no down-side to getting started!

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