An opportunity you shouldn't miss

Dated: October 16 2021

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When I set up an appointment for the home inspection at the beginning of escrow, my buyer clients frequently ask if it’s necessary for them to be there. The answer is that their presence is not required, but it is an opportunity that they shouldn’t miss. The home inspectors I recommend all provide extensive reports with clear photos of the house elements that cause concern, but even a great report can’t take the place of being there to hear the dishwasher, feel the air flowing out of the A/C, or see the discoloration that might be mold. Being able to ask questions and get real-time answers from the inspector can save days of playing phone tag or feeling unclear about how serious a problem might be.

A home inspection is also a terrific introduction to the systems in your house-to-be. Even if there aren’t any problems to be resolved, it’s valuable to have a good look at your new plumbing cleanout, electrical panel, and HVAC system—among other things—so that you know where they are and which ones are getting close to their expected usable lifespan. Since a general home inspection sometimes uncovers issues that might require an additional, more specialized inspection, such as for mold, chimney, or structural issues, you can help manage the limited time available for inspections by being on the spot to order that extra analysis.

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