"We're just renting."

Dated: April 5 2021

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When I knock on doors around a neighborhood to tell neighbors about one of my listings, one response that I get puzzles me. The person who answers the door says: “I’m not the owner of the house,” or “We’re just renting.” It seems strange to me that people assume I only want to speak with the owner of the house. I suppose the reason might be that so many real estate agents have knocked on doors to ask if the owner would like to sell, that people have begun to expect this rude behavior from every agent. If that’s so, then they’ve also been trained to ignore what the agent says, so that “I’m here to tell you about this house that just came on the market” sounds to them just like “I’m here to talk you into selling your house!”

I think there may be another reason behind these non-sequitur responses—at some level, people seem to feel that home owners are a separate, more important category of people. I won’t want to speak with them, they think, because they’re “only renters.” This attitude makes me sad—there are many benefits to home ownership, but becoming a better, more important person is not one of them! All the same, if you are not a home owner and are feeling “less than” as a result—I’m here to help you reach that goal.

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