"At home" is different now

Dated: July 19 2020

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The pandemic has led most people to spend a lot more time at home than usual, and many of us have started using our home-space in new ways. A dining room might become a virtual office, and a front yard now also serves as a place to visit with guests from a safe, well-ventilated distance. 2020 might make it seem harder to buy and move into a new home, but it can also present new reasons why a new place is necessary.

If you’re thinking about moving into a new space, what improvements are you hoping for over what you have now? Where would you most like to be while we ride out the pandemic—and after life has become more normal again? It can help to ask these questions from time to time: 

  • Whose personality is my home reflecting?
  • How can my home support the things I love to do?
  • Is my house keeping up with changes in my daily life?
  • What part of my home do I use the least? How might I use it differently?

Especially in this challenging time, thinking about our relationship with our current home can help us become clear about what we want in the next one.

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