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As a residential real estate executive with an extensive background in corporate marketing, I am able to apply unusually strong skills in marketing communications, e-marketing, strategic planning and professional negotiation. My consultative, non-pressuring approach is designed to win long-term trusting relationships with clients--not to close an immediate transaction. To support and extend the rapid growth of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, I am concentrating efforts throughout the Conejo and Simi valleys in Ventura County as well as in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Even nice people should pay attention

Most people believe that they treat others fairly and would never discriminate against others based on their race, religion, or ethnicity. Agents and property owners who offer to sell or lease a,

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"Title insurance?"

There are dozens of details related to buying a home, and title insurance certainly isn’t among the first things one thinks about, so it’s not surprising that clients ask about it. They

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Yin & yang, inflation & interest rates

Mortgage interest rates are driven by inflation. If you had a million dollars and wanted to lend it to a home buyer, you’d choose an interest rate that would make the money work for you&mdash

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A lesson in pricing

In strategy talks about putting a property on the market, I’ll sometimes hear clients suggest that we list a house for the highest price we might hope for—with the assurance that we can

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