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As a residential real estate executive with an extensive background in corporate marketing, I am able to apply unusually strong skills in marketing communications, e-marketing, strategic planning and professional negotiation. My consultative, non-pressuring approach is designed to win long-term trusting relationships with clients--not to close an immediate transaction. To support and extend the rapid growth of Nationwide Real Estate Executives, I am concentrating efforts throughout the Conejo and Simi valleys in Ventura County as well as in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Good time to buy?

When prospective clients ask me whether this is a good time to buy, they’re thinking about the current state of the market, which way interest rates are trending, and whether or not we&rsquo

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Each time we pass Friday the thirteenth on the calendar, it reminds me to try to be smart about which things worry me. I don’t know anyone who would fret about a black cat crossing their path

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Wait for a buyers' market?

Many potential buyers are monitoring the real estate market and hoping to find signs that the sellers’ market will turn into a buyers’ market. Of course it makes a difference whether

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Why escrow?

I’ve been asked several times by clients from parts of the world where real estate transactions are handled differently: “what is escrow for?” The answer I have settled on can also

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